Barni SMS promo


To provide a plan and a preparation for the promo activity


This contest was created for young space enthusiasts. In order to take part in the competition, it was necessary to buy two promotional product packages, register promotional codes on a special landing page, draw a picture on the topic ”Space” and put your own photo in it.

Then every child could gain points by voting and downloading new promotional codes.

The 15 best photos were chosen by an independent vote.

All young participants came from 3 countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

The prize fund for each country was the following:

A certificate for a trip to Toulouse (France) – 5 pcs.

A telescope ‘Celestron’ – 5 pcs.

A set of biscuits ‘Barni’ – 65 pcs.


3,200,000 generated promo codes

20,993 registrations on the landing page

17 806 registered members

605 uploaded pictures

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